The Readers Episode 49; Halloween Is Here, Spooky & Supernatural Stories, Jeremy Dyson & The Haunted Book, James Dawson’s Top 5 Books and What Gavin and Simon Recommend and Will Be Reading Over Halloween…

This week on The Readers be prepared for a spooky and supernatural Halloween special – it is a show jam packed with tricks and treats. First Gavin and Simon debate spooky fiction and if the supernatural is as scary as it once was, then they are joined by Jeremy Dyson to discuss ghost stories and his own book, The Haunted Book, James Dawson gives his top five spooky reads before Gavin and Simon share what they would recommend you read over Halloween and what they will be reading themselves.

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Supernatural and Spooky Stories () Simon and Gavin discuss all things supernatural and spooky in fiction in the first section of the Halloween themed show. Simon feels that Werewolves and Vampires have become too sexualized to be scary any more, apart from possibly Dracula, Gavin isn’t keen on gore. What they do both like is when the normal seems unknowable and odd and they discuss if it is harder to make a modern tale a scary one, do they all need to be Victorian/Edwardian to work?

Jeremy Dyson and The Haunted Book () The Readers are joined by one of the members of The League of Gentlemen and writer of hit (scary) stage show ‘Ghost Stories’ for the second section of the show to discuss his new book ‘The Haunted Book’, see a spooky trailer below, and to discuss ghost stories, why we like to be scared and why he likes to scare. Check out his brilliant scary video in a library here watch?v=4DjaJFUGAbo


James Dawson’s Top Five Scary Stories () It seemed timely as James Dawson’s debut novel ‘Hollow Pike’ is The Readers Book Club choice for November this Friday and teems with ghosts and spooky goings on, that we should have him on the show a little early as a bonus to tell us about his top five spooky stories for Halloween.

What We Would Recommend For Halloween and What We Will Be Reading () If that wasn’t enough spooky stories and recommendations for you from Jeremy and James get ready for some more as Gavin and Simon tell you what their favourite spooky stories are and indeed what they have planned to read on Halloween.

Next Week on the Readers () Gavin and Simon will be back for some more book based banter, in the meantime later this week they will be back with The Readers Book Club and James Dawson will be joining them (officially this time) to discuss his novel ‘Hollow Pike’ and Simon’s little sister Miriam will be critiquing the book, should be good. Speak to you then.