The Readers Book Club #4; Some Kind of Fairy Tale – Graham Joyce

For the fourth Readers Book Club, and last of 2012, we have brought you a book which seems a nice treat for the festive season as it takes place over Christmas. ‘Some Kind of Fairy Tale’ by Graham Joyce mixes the domestic and the magical making everything familiar yet unfamiliar at once and will have you puzzling over what is real and what is not. It is a real treat of a read and one of Simon’s favourite books of the year.

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An Interview with the Author () This month we are joined by Graham Joyce and he discusses ‘Some Kind of Fairy Tale’, where the idea came from etc with Gavin and Simon. They also discuss how difficult it is to give his work a genre, the joys of mixing the domestic with a hint of magic, how important an unreliable narrator can be and why it is nice to let the reader do some of the work and not give them all the answers. Oh and how ladybirds can be scary!


Simon & Gavin’s Thoughts () In this section, without spoilers which is particularly hard with this book, Simon and Gavin discuss how they found ‘Some Kind of Fairy Tale’ overall. Did they both enjoy it, how did they fare with the fairy folk? You can found out spoiler free in this section.

The Readers Panel Discusses… () In the section that always features lots of SPOILERS, Gavin and Simon are joined by Darrin Turpin of Angry Robot Books. We do have to apologise as a technical glitch, and a jetlagged Gavin, meant we lost five minutes of the chat along the way, we do apologise as Darren was really interesting to talk to… though you still have fifteen minutes of him.

Next month on The Readers Book Club () We will be back on the 4th of January for the next Readers Book Club choice which is… ‘Last Rituals’ by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, the first in her series, if you have any questions you would like to ask her then do email us or add a comment on the GoodReads thread. We will be back with a normal episode on Tuesday.

The Readers Episode 54; Books You Take On Your Travels & What We Are Reading, Have Read and Want To Read Next

So this week’s episode of The Readers should actually have been last weeks, however we had some technical problems which Simon didn’t want to pester Gavin with while he was on holiday in Hong Kong. As Gavin is back he has fixed it but as he has rather bad jet lag it is a fortunate thing as you wouldn’t have had an episode, apart from the book club on Friday this week. So here, finally, is episode 54 discussing travelling with books and what we have read, are reading and want to read next.

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Books You Take on Your Travels () As Gavin is off on his travels to Hong Kong this week Simon decides to grill him on the books he is taking. This leads to a discussion of how many books is too many on a holiday, the pros and cons of having an e-reader on a trip and if you read books by authors from where you are travelling to, or books set there, while you are there. What do you do?

What We Have Read, Are Reading & Want to Read Next () In the last WWHRAR&WTRN (that’s a mouthful) of the year, the Readers co-hosts dish the dirt on their reading peripheries…


Gavin cheats this week as he brings a classic favourite read to the table which is a book he wants to re-read soon: Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King
He is listening: The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks
He wants to read: London Falling by Paul Cornell


Simon has read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
He is slightly struggling with: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice
He wants to read: Open Door by Iosi Havilio

Next time on The Readers () On Friday we will be bringing you the latest in The Readers Book Club shows with Graham Joyce’s ‘Some Kind of Fairytale’ (which we both LOVED) and next week we will be Asking the Editor Anything and discussing the end of the world… what would be your last book?

The Readers – Episode Four

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Readers and a spooky special as we go live on Halloween. In this episode we discuss the same scary book, our first mutual read, Gav interviews Paul Magrs, we discuss supernatural vs. scary, have spooky recommendations from a lovely pair of bloggers and discuss the spooky stories we are reading, have read and will be reading.

We have both been haunted by the same book (00.52) randomly Gavin and Simon started reading (one of them finished it, one is halfway through so no spoilers) the same book Michelle Paver’s novel ‘Dark Matter’ and so decide to discuss it. Starting with the cover and discussing how scary it really is, this also includes a random shout out to Simon’s Mum (01.34) as she is in hospital having a big operation today… tangents hey? We will be doing another joint read for episode six in two weeks with Margaret Atwood’s collection of essays ‘In Other World’s’ so do feel free to join in.


Paul Magrs on The Readers (11.59) Gavin catches up with author Paul Magrs as his new novel ‘666 Charing Cross Road’ comes out, a suitably spooky, and rather bookish, tale that you could curl up with over Halloween, or just in these autumnal nights (well if you are in the UK).

Supernatural vs. Scary (29.03) Whilst we love the fact that all things supernatural have made the main street both with books like ‘Twilight’, or indeed with spooky funny shenanigans in books like Paul Magrs, police procedurals with magic like Ben Aaronovitch’s novels,  we wondered what on earth has happened to those utterly chilling or horrifying novels? Has horror just become hammy? Why aren’t those terrifying tales as popular as they once were? Has Halloween made the fearful a gimmick? Let us know your thoughts.

A trick or treat top ten spooky books from bloggers (38.42) the lovely Jared and Anne from the wonderful blog Pornokitsch (it is book based honestly) join us from the US of A to tell us their favourite spooky or supernatural reads for Halloween… and a very vocal cat called Agatha chips in too! Lots of books to add to the TBR piles.

What we will be reading, or already are, to creep ourselves out this week (52.00) so what are we planning on reading… Simon read ‘The English Ghost’ by Peter Ackroyd and didn’t get what he was expecting; he is halfway through ‘Florence and Giles’ by John Harding (which Gav loved). On his radar are ‘Visitation’ by Jenny Erpenbeck, a collection of ‘scary fairy tales’ by Ludmilla Petrishrushevskaya aptly called ‘There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbours Baby’ and two lit-fic books with supernatural elements ‘The Last Werewolf’ by Glen Duncan and ‘The Blue Book’ by A. L. Kennedy. Gavin is reading ‘Dark Matter’ as we mentioned earlier, next up he has ‘The Woman in Black’ by Susan Hill (trailer of the movie below – you might jump), an anthology called ‘The Weird’, ‘The Silent Land’ by Graham Joyce, the American gothic ‘Mr Shivers’ by Robert Jackson Bennett or possibly ‘15 Miles’ by Rob Scott.

The Woman in Black

And that’s quite enough spooky shenanigans for one episode. What would you recommend we pick up as a terrifying tale?

Next week… we haven’t organised a show yet, because we would like to know what you would like us to talk about? We do know Anthony Horowitz will be joining us though to discuss Sherlock Holmes and his new outing – maybe that will inspire something? So what topics would you like Gav and Simon to discuss next week, let us know.


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