The Readers Episode 34; Out of Print Books & Things We Think We Don’t Like in Books

This week, in the last show before The Readers Summer Book Club starts next week, Gavin and Simon have an hour jam packed with bookish banter as they discuss; out of print books, books with subjects they think they don’t like and also a final ‘what they have read, are reading and want to read next’ until after the summer.

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Out of Print Books () When Gavin and Simon both got an email from Hesperus Press informing them of a new competition to uncover an out of print book and get it back in print they wanted to share it with all of you (more details here). They also thought it was a really good time to discuss out of print books and so this week they have. Why should some out of print books come back and why should some definitely not? Why do people always assume that out of print books are older books? Which books would they like to see come back?

Things We Think We Don’t Like in Books () This is a subject Simon in particular has been wanting to talk about for quite a while. Which subjects in books do you just not like… and why? In the second segment of the show this week Simon and Gavin tell you their prose prejudices and find out they have some in common but also Gavin is shocked at some of Simon’s choices.

What We’ve Read, Are Reading & Want To Read Next () It hasn’t been long since Simon and Gavin did the three books on their reading periphery. However as normal service is on hold until after The Readers Summer Book Club they decided to do another before it has a hiatus for 9 weeks. So…


Gavin has read another by one of his favourite authors: Orbus by Neil Asher
He is reading, but being very secretive about: Railsea by China Mieville
Over the summer he will be reading some YA in the form of: A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix


Simon has read and adored: It’s A Dons Life by Mary Beard
He is rather shameful to admit he is reading: The Archers: Family Ties by Joanna Toye
Over the summer as he travels the UK himself he will be reading: Notes on a Small Island by Bill Bryson

Next week on The Readers () The Summer Book Club starts with Glen Duncan’s ‘The Last Werewolf’, Simon feels he should apologise for all the rudery in it.

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The Readers – Episode Eight; Reading Challenges & More

In our 8th episode we discuss ‘No Time for Novels’, reading challenges, the wonderful Ann and Michael from Books on the Nightstand join us (sort of) and we tell you what we have been reaidng, are reading and really want to read.

No Time for Novels (00.57) Gavin and Simon discuss an article in the Guardian that suggests as the world is going down the pan we should all stop reading fiction and be facing facts with non-fiction, economy books and biographies. Really? Gavin and Simon have a few things to say on the matter.

From Birthdays to Bunkers… Reading Challenges are in the air as Gavin has set himself a 33 Books for 33 Challenge (06.31) starting on his birthday this Thursday (send cards, books, etc) and Simon has decided he is Reading Like it’s the End of the World (11.06) starting on December the 21st 2011 for a year. They discuss the possible pitfalls and delights of both these challenges. What do you think?


We are chuffed to bits to have the legendary podcast hosts Ann and Michael of Books on the Nightstand and Their Top Five Books (14.01) seriously you wouldn’t believe how excited this made us. We aren’t telling you what they are, you have to listen. You can hear us assessing their lists (24.08) afterwards and adding books to both our TBR piles.

What we’ve read, what we are reading and what we want to read (27.50) Gavin and Simon discuss the latest books on their radars…


Gav is reading: Reamde by Neal Stephenson
Gav is keen to read: Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again by Garth Nix


Simon has read: Crime – Ferdinand  Von Schirach
Simon is reading: V for Vendetta – Alan Moore and David Lloyd
He’s exceptionally eager to read: You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead – Marieke Hardy (if you want to know what Marieke said that Gav wont let Simon repeat then go here)

Next week on The Readers (36.51) we will have the lovely Kim of Reading Matters joining us as a co-host, and we aren’t sure what we will be talking about but we know it will be fun; we have Polly of Novel Insights Top 5 Books and an interview with author Sarah Hall.

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