The Readers Book Club #9… Almost, Sort Of

Schedules across the world can be a nightmare as Gavin and Simon have found with the latest episode of The Readers Book Club as with Catherynne M. Valente being in Australia things haven’t quite worked out, so she isn’t on the show… yet!

However whilst they get this interview sorted, which also allows one of the dynamic duo to finish the book as they are finding it quite hard going, Simon and Gavin thought they would bring you a special show that sees them, well one of them, in mid-read and pondering about the book and how they are getting on with it.

So whilst you might not get the full book club episode as you might have hoped you have ended up with a bonus episode and one that we think gives more of an insight into Simon and Gavin’s reading patterns and lives and is also still filled with book based banter.

They will update you with the full episode as soon as schedules allow. Sorry in the meantime, and expect an announcement on the next show of what the next TWO book club choices are.

S & G

Ep 73; A Book A Year and Supporting Your Favourite Authors

And after what seems like ages, and yet oddly also seems to have flown by, The Readers are back in their new fortnightly appearances. Have you missed us? In this episode Gavin and Simon have a big old catch up after a few weeks of not speaking books, though they have been in touch about lots of other things, as well as looking at how we can support our favourite authors (as well as simply reading their books) and the whole ‘one book a year’ deal which some authors have, is it a good thing or a bad one?

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Catching Up () So what have Gavin and Simon been up to in the last few weeks. Well Simon has been working on the Liverpool Literature Festival and so had been in a bookish heaven. Gavin has been poorly again. They also have a chat about some bits of bookish news like the Arthur C Clarke Award winner.

Supporting Your Favourite Authors () When Gavin text Simon earlier in the week and said ‘let’s talk about supporting your favourite authors’ Simon was slightly bemused and responded with the simplistic ‘you buy or read their books you wally’, he couldn’t really see there was much to discuss. Well, as is sometimes (only sometimes though) the case when it came to it there was actually quite a lot to discuss. Does following them on Twitter and Facebook count to supporting them? What about reviews on Amazon and GoodReads? Or going to events and book signings? Gavin and Simon have a good old chat about it, but what do you think?

Agatha could write a book a year…

A Book A Year () Simon was at an event the other night when one of the authors he was hosting told him how she would like to be writing two books a year. Simon’s face nearly fell off with shock. How could this be possible? Then it made him think, actually a lot of his favourite series, mainly crime, come out once a year, every year. So he started thinking about it and talking with people one of whom said ‘well why would you read an author who writes a book a year, clearly they can’t be very good or they wouldn’t be so easy to write’. Whilst not agreeing this made Simon think all the more and so he brought it up with Gavin. They discuss the authors who write a book, or two or three, a year and if those books are good or not? Why it seems its more crime than any other genre that does this? Plus much more… What are your thoughts?

Next time on The Readers () Simon and Gavin will be back in two weeks with more book based banter proper. However they will be back on Friday for the latest in The Readers Book Club with Catherynne M Valente, plus Simon is back next Tuesday on You Wrote The Book with the lovely Damian Barr.

The Readers Book Club #8; The Panopticon – Jenni Fagan

For the eighth Readers Book Club we have a book that gave both Gavin and Simon a real surprise as ‘The Panopticon’, by Jenni Fagan, was not what they were expecting. Join Simon and Gavin as they talk about the book, are joined by Jenni to talk about creating the book and then have a special guest for the spoilers section of the show…

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logo3_728-x-9011Introducing the Book () In the first section of the show Gavin and Simon introduce you, without any spoilers to this months Book Club choice, ‘The Panopticon’ by Jenni. They give you a hint to the premise as the novel starts out, a little hint or two here and there of the way the book carries a dark brooding atmosphere, interesting characters, the potential shock it could give you, and why you should persevere if you think you might be put off.

An Interview with the Author () This month Simon and Gavin are joined by Jenni Fagan to talk about ‘The Panopticon’. What was the true story that sparked the book off? How difficult was it to make Anais likeable yet so difficult and also make the reader understand her when others didn’t, how reliable is she? Where did the sci-fi element of ‘the experiment’ come from? Was she worried about putting readers of with subject and language, and much more…

Simon, Gavin and Jared’s Thoughts () In this final section, brimming with spoilers (because you said you liked them) Simon and Gavin are joined by Jared or Pornokitsch and The Kitschie Awards to discuss the book further. They discuss all the things that happen from start to finish, including the ending and why Jared had such an emotional reaction to the book.

Next month on The Readers Book Club () We will be back on the 10th of May for the next Readers Book Club choice which is… ‘The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making’ by Catherynne M. Valente. They will also be joined by a previous favourite guest, Simon’s little sister Miriam! If you have any questions for that show let us know asap!

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