Just who are ‘The Readers’…

Simon Savidge is a man in his early thirties who hails from the Peak District where he comes from a long line of Book Lovers. Due to the influences of his Gran and Mum at an early age he became a book-a-holic (something English Literature at school nearly destroyed).

He now writes Savidge Reads to stop boring everyone he meets who may not be a book addict with tales, fact and reviews of books he has read, wants to read or you must read. He splits his time between Manchester and London which means lots of space for lots of shelves overflowing with books.

When he is not deeply engrossed in a book or writing blogs he has work to do as a London Editor for a UK wide magazine and Honorary Director of The Green Carnation Prize. He is very, very excited about ‘The Readers’ and making Gavin ‘go literary’ and Thomas ‘go modern’.

ThomasThomas Otto spent most of his summers as a child in the Midwest staying cool in the air conditioned public library near his house. It was during those long hours escaping the summer heat that he fell in love with reading and bookish things in general. After earning degrees in History, American Studies, and Urban Planning in Minneapolis, Honolulu, and upstate New York, Thomas settled in Washington, DC where he has lived since 2002.

Needing a creative outlet, Thomas began blogging at myporchblog.blogspot.com in 2006. His idea was to create a place, like the front porches of his youth, where folks could sit around and chat. After discovering the world of book bloggers a few years later he decided to devote his blogging to book related topics, although he will still occasionally blog about travel, good food, and bad TV.

As for his tastes in reading he is a fiction man all the way. Although his reading interests can run the gambit, he is prone to liking quieter tales of domestic life. He hopes that podcasting will help him expand his reading horizons.

Gavin PughGavin Pugh is a Welsh born and bred lover of all things booky. This is all Terry Pratchet’s fault. Gavin fell in love with Terry’s Discworld witches and has stopped being addicted to books since. While studying Creative and Professional Writing in University (where he got a 2:1) he started blogging about books and has done off and on for the last over the last 6 years.

Thanks to blogging he has read and been introduced to some amazing writers and book lovers. He currently blogs at GavReads.co.uk.

He’s excited to be podcasting as not only does it means he gets to have a book geeking chat with Simon but to share all the books he’s come across that week.

As for what books he likes. He’s a huge fan of SFF & Crime. And over the coming weeks he’s going to see if he can turn Simone to the geek-side.

Note: Gavin is currently on a sabbatical but is producing the show.


You can contact ‘The Readers’ by emailing bookbasedbanter@gmail.com You can also follow us on Twitter @BookBasedBanter lets get chatting

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  1. Happy New Year Gaviin & Simon!

    I just thought I’d write to let you know that I really enjoy your podcast. I was introduced to it through an episode of Books on the Nightstand and have listened to all of your podcasts. Thank you so much for providing them!

    Writing from Southern California in the U.S.

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  3. Love the podcast. Just discovered it. One complaint though. The sound levels are driving me crazy! Simon’s voice is low and Thomas’ is loud.
    When listening with earbuds, the ears take a beating. Especially when one of you laughs. The sound goes BOOM!

  4. Hi all

    I am new to podcasts and can only say that if I’d known about yours earlier I would’ve entered the world of podcasts much sooner. Thanks very very much for sharing your thoughts and views on all things booky. I will definitely be a regular listener.

    Kind regards

  5. Just listened to the latest podcast and was impressed with the audio levels.
    Much better!
    I promise not to whine so much in the future.

  6. Hello,
    I have been listening to your podcast for a long time and this is my first email. I was listening last week regarding where you went for your North American tour and I think you mentioned London, Ontario. I’m from London, Ontario!! I wish that I knew that you were coming so I could say Hi in person.
    What did you think of the city? Do you know that Emma Donahue the author of The Room lives here. Also Eleanor Catton author of The Luminaries lived here when she was young.
    London, On also has a Thames River but not as iconic as in the UK.
    Anyway, this was my excuse to say hi and maybe I will see you the next time you come.

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