Ep 145; Redecoration Replacement

On this week’s episode Gavin makes a surprise re-appearance and shares episode 2 of his new podcast, An Unreliable Reader, where he talks about his Reading Intentions for 2016. It’s likely he also mention too many books.

Simon and Thomas will be back next fortnight when Simon should finally be able to find his recording equipment again. It’s currently under a dust sheet.

3 thoughts on “Ep 145; Redecoration Replacement

  1. Hi! I just discovered your podcast and I am delighted.
    I’ve got a question for Simon (whose taste in dark books I (shamefully?) adore) regarding the previous episode: you mentioned the book Where Love Begins by Judith Herman, but I couldn’t find ANY details about it online (yes, I suppose it is not out yet, but usually there are at least some details about unpublished books?).

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