Ep 141; Bookshop Wanderings and Dream Bookstores

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers. This week Thomas and Simon take you with them around Politics and Prose before then sitting down and talking about their dream, or ideal, bookshops!

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Rebecca & Any Human Heart Live from Booktopia () In the first part of the show you lucky things get to follow Simon and Thomas around a bookshop, no really. Simon and Thomas secretly recorded their visit to Politics and Prose in Washington and talk about some of the books they encounter and as they go on they talk about some of their reading and book shopping habits too.


Dream Bookshops () Simon joins Thomas in one of his favourite games… if I won the lottery what would I do? In this case with a bookshop. They talk about all the things they love, and some of the things that they don’t, about bookshops and bookstores and even share a few of their favourites with you.

Next time on the Readers () Thomas and Simon will be back in two weeks when they will be back with more book based banter. Next week Simon returns with You Wrote The Book where his special guest is Paul McVeigh who joins him to discuss The Good Son. Don’t miss last weeks when he was joined by none other than Helen MacDonald.

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