Ep 138; The Readers On The Road; Booktopia Petoskey & A Readers Dream Festival

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, we join our hosts Simon and Thomas in a car as they discuss Booktopia and what they would like to do, and which particular authors, would they bring to it – all whilst they drive through the American landscape.

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Booktopia Petoskey & The Readers On The Road () Simon and Thomas chat away in the car as they drive through America. They discuss how Booktopia was for them and what they have been doing on the roadtrip so far, including a moment of panic at Willa Cather’s home.

Who Would Feature at the Readers Festival () Thomas and Simon discuss the top three authors that they would invite to their own book festivals if they had one. Who are they? Try guessing first and then see if you are right later in the show.

Next time on the Readers () Thomas and Simon will be back late in the week with more Booker book based banter… Next week Simon returns with You Wrote The Book where his special guest is none other than Michel Faber who joins him to discuss his latest novel The Book of Strange New Things.

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