Ep 128; A Bookish Grab Bag of an Episode

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, this week Thomas and Simon have so much to talk about that it is a bit of a grab bag of an episode as they discuss all sorts of bookish bits and bobs, from female authors to reading slumps, Books on the Nightstand Bingo to what they are reading right now…

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Catching Up () Whilst this is in essence a catch up show full stop Simon and Thomas discuss what they have been upto, including the fact Simon will be on Resonance FM this Sunday on the proper radio and everything, as well as Thomas and jury duty. Random catch up indeed. They also discuss all the shenanigans that have been going on with the agenda of female authors in the last week since Ali Smith won the Bailey’s Prize with How to be both which they also discuss… Blimey.

Thoma's Card

Thoma’s Card

Books on the Nightstand Bingo () The first chunkier topic of the show this week is where Simon and Thomas decide to take part in their favourite book podcast Books on the Nightstand (if you don’t listen to it you must) second BOTNS Bingo, this is where you can choose a card at random (if you press on the link on this page) and be given a variety of catagories to fit your summer reading in. Listen to Simon and Thomas discovering what reads await them and who is going to try and get a full house.



Simon’s Card

Simon’s Card

Reading Slumps () Since Simon has finished reading for Fiction Uncovered he has gone into a slight reading slump, even though he is reading two brilliant books that are very him, so Thomas gives him some advice and support and they talk it out. Have you any recommendations for how Simon can beat the slump?

Next time on the Readers () Thomas and Simon will be back in two weeks with more book based banter and some exciting news… Next week Simon returns with You Wrote The Book where his special guest is Kate Grenville.

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7 thoughts on “Ep 128; A Bookish Grab Bag of an Episode

  1. I don’t know how helpful these links will be for you Simon, but here are some verse novels to look at. Almost all verse novels I run into are YA (some even Middle Grade). Not sure if that’s a good fit for you. I ran into a few adult ones at some point, but seem to have misplaced that bookmarked link. If I find it, I’ll add it here. I think if you look on Goodreads you’ll find many more lists.


    And if you want to tweak the rules a little, there’s always Jacqueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming. It’s a verse memoir, so not technically a “verse novel”.

    Also, Alternate History is exactly what you described. One of the commonly written about events is “if the Axis powers won the war.” There are other time periods written about. Goodreads would probably help you out there too. It’s a fascinating genre for me, though I haven’t read many yet.

  2. Hi Thomas and Simon,

    In regards to your discussion on only publishing female authors for a year, my reading would only be minimally affected as it seems I inadvertently read mostly female authors already. What would be of interest to me would be if the protagonist of all the books published in a year were female, regardless of the authors gender. One of the common themes of my favourite books are strong female leads, and I find it difficult to wade through the numerous books where the female characters are incapable of advancing the plot without a man coming in to take over. I believe there’s room in literature for books where both genders can have strong roles within the story.

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