Ep 124; Book Based Holidays & How Many Chances We Give an Author

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, this week Thomas and Simon, but not the one you might be used to discuss what makes their ideal book based holidays and also how many chances you should give an author…

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Catching Up () Thomas is joined live from his library by a special guest in the form of ‘the other blogging Simon’, Simon Thomas of Stuck in a Book, while the other Simon is locked away somewhere reading as many books as he can for Fiction Uncovered. He and Simon talk a bit about how they met and some other chinwag subjects, whilst missing the other Simon terribly.

Book Based Holidays () As Simon T is on holiday in Washington DC whilst he records, Thomas thought that it would be a good idea to discuss what makes the perfect bookish vacation. Is it the place with the best bookshops? Is it the place with the best literary links? Or is it somewhere remote where you can simply escape and read, read, read? Thomas and Simon T discuss.



How Many Chances Does An Author Get () As a special guest on the show Thomas said Simon T could bring forward any subject he liked, and Simon wanted to talk about the chances we give authors. Is it fair to write an author off after book one? Should there be a three strike rule as Simon practices. Which books have put these two avid readers off authors and why?

Next time on the Readers () Thomas will be back with the original Simon in two weeks with more book based banter.

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