Ep 123; Reading Assumptions & The Book Tingle (#BookTingle)

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, this week Simon and Thomas discuss the assumptions that they make about books and authors for no good reason and also that elusive beast, the Book Tingle…

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Catching Up () Simon has been reading like a demon for Fiction Uncovered, which he has found rather eye opening in terms of his own habits of how he instantly judges a book which he hadn’t noticed before. Thomas talks about why he has been turning to music, and getting down with the funky beats, instead of audio books.

Reading Assumptions () As Simon mentions in his catch up with Thomas, he has become more aware of the assumptions that he makes about books he wasn’t aware he did. David, one of our lovely listeners, wanted to know about books and authors we make assumptions about be it; because of an encounter we have had with the author before, being compared to another book, we’ve heard the author is a wally, or we have just assumed a book/author isn’t for us! Simon and Thomas have a chat about some of the books and authors they have made assumptions about.



The Book Tingle () You may think Simon is as crazy as Thomas does by the end of this segment as he wants to talk about The Book Tingle. This is what Simon wants in a prize winning book and what he is out to find. It is that unexplainable feeling you get when you are reading a book and everything s aligned and going perfectly. So much so you almost feel like the book was actually written for you. He and Thomas discuss it and would love you to tell them about the books that have given you the book tingle, you can tweet the books with #BookTingle let it trend everyone!

Next time on the Readers () Simon and Thomas will be back in two weeks with more book based banter.

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4 thoughts on “Ep 123; Reading Assumptions & The Book Tingle (#BookTingle)

  1. I have never heard the phrase book tingle, but I like it. It describes perfectly that feeling I get when I am completely immersed in a book and the world created by the author. Thanks for another great episode.

  2. I also love the term book tingle; it’s just great. One thing that gives me a book tingle is when books/reading become an important element in a book . . . maybe that’s why I loved The Uncommon Reader so much, as did Thomas.

    Things that turn me off a book:
    1. If it is overly-hyped (still haven’t read Gone Girl and probably will not)
    2. If someone tells me a book is historical fiction my first reaction is “No!” because I think: costume drama, descriptions rooms and furniture, etc. However, my attitude can be changed if I hear more about the story and it sounds appealing because of themes, plot, characters, etc.
    3. Like Simon, if I’m told it’s a book about ‘sports,’ my initial reaction is negative, but I know this isn’t fair.
    4. If it’s billed as chick lit, I run the other way
    5. If it’s billed as romance, I’m out

    Authors I have no rational reason for not wanting to read:
    1. Margaret Drabble (like Thomas)
    2. Anita Shreve (like Thomas)
    3. T.C. Boyle (I don’t like someone who won’t tell me his first name; and his last name is unappealing . . )

    • Just one correction, Simon is the one who has the irrational non-desire to read Drabble. I love her. If you want to give her a go, try The Seven Sisters or The Pure Gold Baby. I like them both quite a bit more than her other books and the latter I thought was really a special book.

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