Ep 121; Simon’s Judging, TBR’s, Authors and Social Media

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, this episode Simon announces some very exciting news and Thomas comes up with an unusual idea for a novel. They then discuss how they manage their TBR’s and then they talk authors and social media, and get very frank…

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Catching Up () Thomas discusses his issue with children in audio books, or even actors being children in audio books, and Simon talks about his very exciting news… he is judging Fiction Uncovered, one of his favourite prizes…



TBR’s and TBR Management () Listener Rebecca wanted Simon and Thomas to talk about their to be read piles and how they manage them. This is ideal as Simon has just been emptying his shelves to make room for prize submissions and Thomas is filling his new library now he has moved back to his renovated home. How do they cull, how do they decide where which books go and how they are organised? Listen to find out and tell us how you manage your TBR pile.



Authors and Social Media () Melissa wanted to know on Simon and Thomas’ thoughts on authors and social media, in particular when authors get cross with people not giving them a good enough review. This starts Thomas, and in particular Simon off on a rant about books, authors and social media. Get ready for Simon’s Savidge side to come to the fore.

Next time on the Readers () Simon and Thomas will be back in two weeks for more book based banter! Next week Simon is back with Gavin, Rob and Kate on Friday for the last episode of the first season of Hear Read This!!

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