Ep 119; Sequels and Prequels & Books That Pack A Punch

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, this episode Simon and Thomas are back with no technical issues, hooray! With the Harper Lee news they decide to discuss prequels and sequels and then after being asked by a listener they discuss books that pack a punch…

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Sequels and Prequels () With the news that Harper Lee is releasing the prequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, called How to Set A Watchman, this summer Thomas wanted to talk about prequels and sequels. Why do authors do it? Is it for money or can they just not let those characters go? Why has Harper Lee decided to release that book now after such a long time? Which prequels and sequels do Simon and Thomas like and dislike and which ones would they love to read that don’t exist.



Books That Pack a Punch () Pam got in touch to ask Thomas and Simon to discuss books that pack a punch. They talk about the books that have hit them with a wallop and why. They also discuss why we love books that take us through the emotional ringer, though both agree they couldn’t read them all the time.

Next time on the Readers () Simon and Thomas will be back in two weeks for more book based banter! Don’t forget you can hear Simon and Laline Paull on the latest You Wrote The Book! discussing the brilliant The Bees and next week he is talking with Kate Mayfield in the penultimate show before that podcast has a break. Simon is back with Gavin, Rob and Kate on Friday for Hear Read This!!

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  1. Can I just say I had the exact opposite reaction to JK Rowlings the Casual Vacancy. I hated it UNTILL the last 80 pages. But I also pretty much hate small towny books and small town politics so there’s that.

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