Ep 117; A New Reading Year & Is Reading Stopping Us From Doing Other Things?

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, the first of 2015! Being as it is a new year Simon and Thomas thought they would talk a little about the year that was and the year that is to come. They also answer another listeners reading quandary…

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A New Year of Reading () Simon and Thomas start off where Gavin and Simon left off in the last episode, looking back at 2014 and forward to 2015. What did they make of their reading year? What plans have they got for the year ahead? They end up discussing almost everything but reading, though do get there in the end, as they try to figure all this out.



Is Reading Getting In The Way of Everything Else ()  Coltrane emailed in to ask Thomas and Simon if there is ever a danger that reading takes over your life to the extent that you don’t really feel like doing anything else. Simon and Thomas discuss…

Next time on the Readers () Simon will joined by Gavin next week as they discuss the books they are looking forward to in spring and summer 2015! Don’t forget you can hear Simon and Neel Mukherjee on the latest You Wrote The Book! and next week he is talking with Laline Paull. Simon is back with Gavin Rob and Kate on Friday for Hear Read This discussing his new choice and Rob’s classic.

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8 thoughts on “Ep 117; A New Reading Year & Is Reading Stopping Us From Doing Other Things?

  1. Hi guys, long-time listener coming out of lurk mode to talk about Tom’s discovery of Patrick McGrath. Constance isn’t my favorite of his works, but as you liked it, maybe you’ll like some others. I do a breakdown of his work here – http://wickeddark.smugmug.com/ArtandAbstracts/Interpretations-and-Abstracts/i-9NnNTbC/0/M/Kristen_SmithJanuary%2014%2C%202015P1090914-M.jpg – since he’s one of my favorite living authors. Enjoy!!

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