Ep 115; The Night Guest by Fiona Macfarlane (A Boxing Day Book Club Special)

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers, which is a little Christmas bonus gift for you during the festive holiday. Back in the spring Simon said that he, Thomas and anyone else who wanted to could read The Night Guest and have a book club like show, well it is now Summer in the books setting of Australia so here it is. Warning this does contain some HUGE spoilers…

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The Night Guest by Fiona Macfarlance () In this episode Simon and Thomas, with the help of some listeners, one making a special appearance, discuss The Night Guest by Fiona Macfarlane which is a creepy psychological thriller and so other than give you the blurb we will say no more about than warn you again THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Here is the blurb…

In an isolated house on the New South Wales coast, Ruth, a widow whose sons have flown the nest, lives alone. Until one day a stranger bowls up, announcing that she’s Frida, sent to be Ruth’s carer. At first, Ruth welcomes Frida’s vigorous presence and her willingness to hear Ruth’s tales of growing up in Fiji. She even helps reunite Ruth with a childhood sweetheart. But why does Ruth sense a tiger prowling through the house at night? Is she losing her wits? Can she trust the enigmatic Frida? And how far can she trust herself?


Next time on the Readers () Simon will joined by Gavin next week as they discuss the books they are looking forward to in spring and summer 2015! Don’t forget you can hear Simon and Sharon Bolton on the latest You Wrote The Book! and last week, if you missed it, Simon and Gavin were live with Rob and Kate on Friday for Hear Read This discussing two books one in particular which cause a right old hoo-ha!.

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