Ep 113; Book Prizes…

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers. This fortnight in a spooky fluke Thomas and Simon are discussing book prizes which Kate and Rob have just done an episode of Adventures with Words on. Spooky. Anyway, this episode they discuss prizes of all shapes and sizes, starting with the Nobel Prize which many of you have been asking us to talk about on Goodreads…

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Catching Up () Simon wants to talk about Serial, a podcast he is now addicted to. They also briefly talk about plays as books. Oh and even though they think you can’t still vote for Simon in the UK Blog awards, it turns out you can http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/candidates/savidge-reads/ Please do!

Book Prizes () You asked for Simon and Thomas to discuss the Nobel prize and their thoughts on it so they decided that they would and that they would then talk about book prizes in general. First up, the Nobel prize, how many have Thomas and Simon read, do they think it is elitist and who do they think should win in the future. With all the other prizes which books that have won prizes do Simon and Thomas love and what are their favourite prizes? Which prizes do you love?



Next time on the Readers () Thomas and Simon will be back in two weeks with more book based banter. Before then Simon will be back this Wednesday with guest Sarah Perry for the latest You Wrote The Book! (which should have gone live last week, oops) Until then happy reading.

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