Ep 111; Future Libraries, Being Locked in a Bookshop, Man Booker 2014 and Scary Tales

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers. This fortnight Thomas and Simon have had a little bit of a nightmare with recording, so if occasionally they don’t make sense, and it doesn’t end in the usual way, they apologize a gremlin seemed to be in the system. Speaking of gremlins and ghosts and ghouls Simon and Thomas discuss spooky books, the Man Booker 2014, future libraries and being locked in bookshops…

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Future Libraries () After discussing Simon’s new job and Thomas new addiction to audio books, the duo get to one of the main subjects of today. The Future Library an initiative which has seen Margaret Atwood write a book that will not be published until 2114, when the trees have grown to publish it in a forest in Norway. This sounds like one of Atwood’s stories all in itself doesn’t it? Simon and Thomas have a chat about it.

Being Locked in a Bookshop () Last week saw the brilliant news story of a man who ended up popping into Waterstones bookstore in Trafalgar Square and getting locked in there for several hours, the crazy man tweeted them and told them – was he mad? Simon and Thomas have a chat about which bookshops they would like to get locked into and what they would do/read.

staged book

Spooky/Scary Books () Next week Halloween comes to town. One of you lovely listeners asked what Simon and Thomas would recommend to read that is scary, if of course they read anything scary at all. They come up with some books but they might not be the ones that you imagine, and then suddenly the ghouls take over the line…

Next time on the Readers () Thomas and Simon will hopefully be back in two weeks with more book based banter. Before then Simon will be back next Wednesday with guest David Nicholls for the latest You Wrote The Book! We know he said that last time but then Richard Flanagan came on, the latest Man Booker winner, what more could you want? Until next time thanks again for listening…

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2 thoughts on “Ep 111; Future Libraries, Being Locked in a Bookshop, Man Booker 2014 and Scary Tales

  1. Thomas, if you’re looking for an audiobook narrator who does women’s voices well, you might enjoy Samuel West (son of Timothy West & Prunella Scales). He does women’s voices wonderfully well. I can recommend his reading of iris Murdoch’s Under the Net & Mary Wesley’s An Imaginative Experience. Of course, I don’t know if they qualify for your commute as I don’t know if you’ve already read them.

  2. A modern horror that I found frightening was Joe Hill’s Heart-shaped Box. Also – although not a horror story – China Miéville’s Kraken contains the most terrifying characters I’ve come upon in fiction: Goss and Subby.

    Since you specifically wanted to avoid stories that were mostly just grisly or uncomfortable, I won’t mention Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby or worse still, his Haunted.

    I sincerely hope, by the way, that Thomas was not abducted by hobgoblins midsentence there because having just found this excellent podcast, that would make me rather miffed. And him eaten probably. Which is almost just as bad. I should probably stop now.

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