Ep 107; Non Fiction

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers. This fortnight Simon and Thomas discuss something they rarely do on this podcast…Non-fiction! They then each share their top five books in that field. Get ready for some interesting discussion and debate.

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Catching Up () Simon has pressing things on his mind, WordPress being one of them as the company have been taking down bookish blogs who are hosting blog tours, what is that all about and how does Thomas feel about it? Simon is also freaked out that when this goes live he and Thomas will be in a pool, sat by a pool, at the zoo or even recording a show face to face!

Non Fiction () It is not something that Thomas and Simon often speak about so they have decided to host a whole show about it. Non fiction! The duo decided to have a chat about what it is that keeps them from reading non fiction more often and what they love about it when it is done right, they soon realise that actually, they like it much more than they think and should get reading more of it pronto!


The Readers Top Non Fiction Books () In the second part of the show Simon and Thomas each share their top five non fiction books.

Thomas’ are…

Tender at the Bone and Comfort Me with Apples – Ruth Reichl
The Death and Life of Great American Cities – Jane Jacobs
84, Charing Cross Road – Helene Hanff
The Piano Shop on the Left Bank – Thad Carhart
The Journals of May Sarton

Simon’s are…

The Lost City of Z – David Grann
Stiff – Mary Roach
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot
The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters – edited by Charlotte Mosley
In Cold Blood – Truman Capote

Next time on the Readers () Thomas and Simon will be back in two weeks with more book based banter. Before then Simon will be back next Wednesday with You Wrote The Book! Until next time thanks again for listening…

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6 thoughts on “Ep 107; Non Fiction

  1. I actually agree with WordPress on this one. I follow a number of blogs and increasingly a lot of them are doing just book tours and it becomes really hard to read most of them because that is all they are doing. I wish Blogger would also come down on blogs who do this as well.

  2. I just listened to this podcast last night and thought I wouldn’t be really interested in the subject. I have read Henrietta Lacks, In Cold Blood and 84, Charing Cross Road.
    I have already put a hold a couple of titles at my library….The Mitfords and May Sarton. Thanks for the great podcast that you faithfully put out. I’m looking forward to Non-Fiction 2.
    Best regards from Gail in Washington State

  3. I listen to your podcast on morning walks and can’t readily make notes right then. Came to the blog looking for a list of the books mentioned on this podcast. I figured out “Howards End is on the Landing”, but what was the Penelope Lively book mentioned?

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