Ep 92; Finding Time To Read & Sex in Books

Welcome to the latest episode of The Readers where Simon has taken over the topics this fortnight. First up we find him struggling to find the time to read with his new job and secondly, after reading Carrie Tiffany’s Mateship with Birds, Simon brings up a subject that might have himself, Thomas and some of you blushing… Sex in books!

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Catching Up ()  Before they get to the subjects of this weeks show, Thomas and Simon have a chat about what they have been upto and what they have been reading including Thomas having found Graham Greene a delight again, Granny Savidge would be so pleased.

Finding Time to Read () Simon has started a new job which is giving him hardly any time to read, and indeed was causing a slight nightmare with regard to even recording this podcast. So he has been wondering how people make time to read? You may think this is mad, but Simon was used to part time work and some of that being reading for work, so this is a massive change. How does Thomas find the time to read? What should Simon do to get more reading time in? Should be allowed to get in the way of reading sometimes?


Sex in Books () So now we come to the part of the show where you may want to turn us off (pun not intended) if you have people around as Simon and Thomas are going to get down to the nitty gritty of talking about sex… in books. Simon recently read Mateship of Birds by Carrie Tiffany which is positively brimming with sex and has seen many a complaint about it – yet Simon thought it was a metaphor to other things going on with the book and was all the more an incredible piece of literature because of it. So does sex in books matter? Can it put you off? Where does graphic realism become gratuitous titillation? Why are people so prudish about sex in books?

Next time on the Readers () Thomas and Simon will be back in two weeks with more book based banter. Simon will be back next Tuesday with You Wrote The Book! Where he and Anthony Marra will be discussing ‘A Constellation of Vital Phenomenon’.

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