The Readers Book Club; The Explorer by James Smythe

It seems apt that the thirteenth Readers Book Club, and first of the autumn selection, is released on Friday the 13th of September, uh oh! It is also doubly apt that the book we have chosen this month is one that is deeply unsettling, rather spooky in it sense of atmosphere and overall a rather ominous and sinister read. ‘The Explorer’ by James Smythe is quite unlike any space story we have read before so we were very glad to have the author join Simon and (a returning) Gavin, as well as being joined by Rob and Kate from Adventures With Words. You could say this is quite an epic show…

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Introducing the Book () In the first section of the show Gavin and Simon introduce you, without any spoilers to this months Book Club choice, ‘The Explorer’ by Jonathan James Smythe. With the book in question it is really hard to tell you much without giving anything away but Gavin and Simon try really hard. They give you a hint to the premise and Gavin explains why he chose the novel for the summer selection.

An Interview with the Author () This month Simon and Gavin are joined by James Smythe to talk about ‘The Explorer. Where did the idea for the novel come from? How did James go about making the unknowable believable? What research did he need to do? Did he feel he had to write within certain science fiction perimeters? What are his thoughts on labelling and genres in fiction? And much, much more…

Final Thoughts with Spoilers () In this final section, brimming with spoilers (because you said you liked them) Simon and Gavin talk about the book in more detail and are joined by the lovely Rob and Kate of ‘Adventures With Words’. Be warned, and you can’t say we haven’t warned you, that they discuss the very ending of the book which to know might spoil it completely if you hadn’t read it.

Next month on The Readers Book Club () Simon and Gavin will be joined by Laurent Binet to discuss ‘HHhH‘.Is it a novel? Is it non fiction? Is it meta? All this and more will be discussed on October the 11th. Simon is back on Tuesday with You Wrote The Book with author Niven Govinden and the following Tuesday he returns to The Readers with Thomas. Until then…

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