Ep. 78; In Memory Of Dorothy Savidge

Sadly this weekend Simon’s Gran (and one of his most bookish influences) passed away after a year long battle with cancer. This week as a special episode in honour of a rather wonderful woman Gavin and Simon thought it would be nice to repeat an episode from last year where Simon’s Gran, mother and little sister all talk about the books they love and also shows how Dorothy’s influence with books passed on many generations.

Simon and his Gran...

Simon and his Gran…

Dorothy Savidge 1941 – 2013. A woman who will be greatly missed though her reading and bookish legacy will live on through her children and grandchildren who will pass it on in turn (to anyone they can frankly). We would also like to dedicate this episode to Estelle Kindness, Michael Kindness’ mother who also passed away this weekend.

We will be back in two weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Ep. 78; In Memory Of Dorothy Savidge

  1. Tuning in late Simon and so sad to hear this news. I know how much you loved your Gran from all you have told us about her during the podcasts. Your mutual love of reading is such a great gift. This podcast has always been one of my favorites. Wishing you and your family my sincere sympathy.

  2. Wonderful show this week. The warmth and affection you have forneach other shone through each interview. Your gran sounded a remarkable woman Simon, you were so lucky to have known her.

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  4. My sympathy for the loss of your Gran. From all the times you’ve mentioned her in the podcast she truly was a special lady.

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