The Readers Book Club #10; The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

For the tenth, yes tenth Readers Book Club, and the start of The Readers Book Club Summer Selection 2013 we try the opposite of a cold crime novel as we head to India and join Vish Puri as he investigates ‘The Case of the Missing Servant’ by Tarquin Hall…

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Introducing the Book () In the first section of the show Gavin and Simon introduce you, without any spoilers to this months Book Club choice, ‘The Case of the Missing Servant’ by Tarquin Hall. They give you a hint to the premise and what the crime at the heart of the book might be, and they also have a little disagreement on if this book is a cosy crime or not.

An Interview with the Author () This month Simon and Gavin are joined by Tarquin Hall to talk about ‘The Case of the Missing Servant’. What was it that made Tarquin go from journalism and non fiction to writing the first Vish Puri mystery. What was he trying to say about India with the book? How does he combine the dark with the very funny… and much more!

Simon and Gavin’s Thoughts () In this final section, brimming with spoilers (because you said you liked them) Simon and Gavin talk about the book in more detail. Be warned, and you can’t say we haven’t warned you, that they discuss who the killer was and also the answer to the other cases that Vish Puri is investigating in book one! We warned you.

Next month on The Readers Book Club () We will be back on the 12th of July for the next Readers Book Club Summer Selection 2013 choice which is… ‘Snake Ropes’ by Jess Richards and promises to take us to a most unsettling yet fairytale like island. If you have any questions for the author let us know by the last week of June!

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  3. The Vish Puri mystery books are absolutely awesome… so entertaining, seemingly
    innocent, and make both my husband and I wish to be in India to be with Vish Puri and company. Please, keep these wonderful books coming!

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