The Readers Book Club… Revamped!

Hello all! We hope this little surprise extra podcast finds you all well. Why the need for this extra ten minute treat? Well, after having some big long thought filled chats Gavin and Simon have decided that they need to make some changes to The Readers Book Club. Titles were being announced last minute, publishers were vanishing, authors weren’t turning up/cancelling, the interaction had lessened and so Simon and Gavin thought ‘hang on lets sort this out.’

Now they are going seasonal! Every quarter three new lovely titles will announced in advance as the Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter selection of The Readers Book Club Choices. The aim is that it gives you more time to read the books in advance and join in which is what Simon and Gavin loved so much last summer. So without further ado in this show they announce the titles which, this Summer, are…


June 2013; The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall
July 2013; Snake Ropes by Jess Richards
August 2013; The Last Banquet by Jonathan Grimwood

And in this mini show they give you the low down on the books and why they picked them – watch out for Simon going deep randomly – and how you can get involved. Yippee.

The Readers will be back on Friday with the Tarquin Hall episode (which they are editing RIGHT NOW) and again next Tuesday with a normal show. Don’t miss Simon tomorrow when he is joined on You Wrote The Book! by the author John Boyne. Until then…

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