Ep 75; Fiction Uncovered, Reading Breaks & Social Reading

Welcome back Simon to the Readers this week (though big thanks to Jared for covering for him while he was off) for another episode of book based banter. This week Simon wants to talk about one of his favourite initiatives Fiction Uncovered and, after having not read a book for THREE WEEKS, he wants to discuss reading breaks and re-evaluating our reading habits. Gavin wants to discuss the pro’s and con’s of social reading and the part social media now plays when you pick up a book. It is a show brimming with subjects, even if we say so ourselves.

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Fiction Uncovered () After Gavin and Simon briefly discuss Simon’s hospital addiction they skip the normal catch up to discuss the book initiative Fiction Uncovered. This has swiftly become one of Simon’s favourite yearly initiatives, though Gav needs a bit more of a push as it’s quite literary, as there is no single winner but eight! You see the judges of the prize choose a selection of brilliant books that have gone, unjustly they feel, under the radar in prize listings or review pages. Simon and Gavin discuss the eight books and the initiative in a little more depth.


Reading Breaks and Re-Evaluations () Simon has not read a book for THREE WEEKS, no really… THREE WEEKS. Yet this is oddly through choice, as lots has been going on personally for him he has decided to take some time away from books and the bookish world. How does it feel to do that? Do we need a bookish break from time to time to re-evaluate and when we do what do we spot about ourselves as readers and the habits we didn’t really think we had?

Social Reading () From the rather maudlin and anti-social subject Simon brings up Gavin goes to the opposite extreme as he wants to discuss Social Reading. By this he doesn’t mean book groups though, well not ones who meet face to face. How have blogs, Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, Instagram, podcasts etc changed how we read? What are the pro’s and con’s? Does too much social media buzz put you off? Are you doing your social media about books more than you are picking them up? Gavin and Simon have a good old natter about it and would love your thoughts too.

Next time on The Readers () Simon and Gavin will be back in two weeks with more book based banter proper. However they will be back a week on Friday for the latest in The Readers Book Club with Tarquin Hall, plus Simon is back next Tuesday on You Wrote The Book with another guest author.

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  1. Thanks to Gavin for the shout out about my reading habits! I had left a comment on his blog and was driving (really sitting in traffic) and was thrilled to hear me quoted about my ruined reading habits. I always have my next book at the ready, but now I always want the shiny new book!! Thanks and love the podcast!

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