The Readers Book Club #9… Almost, Sort Of

Schedules across the world can be a nightmare as Gavin and Simon have found with the latest episode of The Readers Book Club as with Catherynne M. Valente being in Australia things haven’t quite worked out, so she isn’t on the show… yet!

However whilst they get this interview sorted, which also allows one of the dynamic duo to finish the book as they are finding it quite hard going, Simon and Gavin thought they would bring you a special show that sees them, well one of them, in mid-read and pondering about the book and how they are getting on with it.

So whilst you might not get the full book club episode as you might have hoped you have ended up with a bonus episode and one that we think gives more of an insight into Simon and Gavin’s reading patterns and lives and is also still filled with book based banter.

They will update you with the full episode as soon as schedules allow. Sorry in the meantime, and expect an announcement on the next show of what the next TWO book club choices are.

S & G

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