Ep.67; Gav is Back, Kindle Conundrums & Commandments, Sequels & Spin Offs

Hooray and hoorah for Gavin is back this week, though a big, big, thank you to his stand-ins over the last two weeks. As they haven’t for a while, Gavin and Simon start with a catch up before Gavin outs Simons big secret… he has a Kindle and after the conundrum it started he has created some commandments. They also have a chat about spin offs and sequels and if an authors books should be left alone by other authors after they are dead.

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Gavin is back () After two weeks of missing him on the main show, though you may have heard him on last weeks Readers Book Club with Bethan Roberts, Gavin is now back. So he and Simon have a right old natter about what they have both been up to whilst he has been off, well in Gavin’s case it is more what he has been reading while he has been sick than anything else, bless him.

Kindle Conundrums and Commandments () Well the thing that you never thought would happen has… Simon has a Kindle, though as he is keen to point out he didn’t buy it as it was in fact a gift for Valentines. This has left him a little conflicted, as he discusses, and so her has created a list of ten Kindle Commandments which Gavin and he go through. He also discusses how he hasn’t actually really used it that much yet and when he has it hasn’t been for reading!!

Spin Offs and Sequels () After an author dies should their books be left alone? This week it has been announced that Sebastian Faulks will be writing a new Jeeves and Wooster novel and so Gavin and Simon decided to discuss the tricky subject of spin offs and sequels, and indeed prequels. Some they love and some they don’t, they have a good old chin wag about it though.

Next time on The Readers () Simon and Gavin will be back next week with more book based banter. Stay tuned this week though for the first of Simon’s solo podcasts with the author Maggie O’Farrell which will be available in this feed for its first outing.

2 thoughts on “Ep.67; Gav is Back, Kindle Conundrums & Commandments, Sequels & Spin Offs

  1. Good to have Gav back.

    I was really interested by your sequels/ prequels/ spin offs discussion. It made me think.

    Is it perhaps like this – when a writer (or any other artist) is alive and writing, they develop and produce a sequence of work, but its boundaries are moving all the time. So a new book is likely to contain something unexpected, new or different, even if it is also characteristic of them.

    When another writer produces a spin off, aren’t they likely to pitch their work within the boundaries mapped out by the deceased author – rather than expanding those boundaries? So it might be an OK read, but it won’t develop the earlier work (because then it would start to be more characteristic of the new author).

    Perhaps that’s why there’s such excitement at the idea of “lost” works – because they would (might) add something new but genuinely part of the original author’s personality.

    That may all be rubbish. On a more mundane level, another example you could add to the list would be Jill Paton-Walsh’s completion of Dorothy L Sayer’s unfinished Peter Wimsey book, and subsequent sequels. I thought she did quite well but suspect it offended diehard Sayers fans.

    Finally, I’m glad you mentioned Mapp & Lucia – delightful books, worth a bit more discussion some time perhaps.

  2. Listening to your old shows while organizing and packing our books up for a 3400 km move. There is a story I read in a South Asian Post Colonial class that was a spin-off/sequel of Sherlock Holmes about his missing year when he was in India and Tibet: The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes. I thought it was well done (though I hadn’t read and of Doyle’s for years at that point) and that you might be interested.

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