Ep.65; Being a Debut Author and LGBT Literature

This week sadly Gavin is sick, so Simon has roped in author Kerry Hudson, whose first novel ‘Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma’ came out last year, as this weeks special co-host. They discuss being a debut author and also, as Kerry is one of the Green Carnation Prize judges for 2013, LGBT Literature as here in the UK it is LGBT History Month.

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Catching Up () Simon and Kerry have a natter about what they have been reading in the last week. Kerry has been reading much better stuff than Simon, who has been having rather a bad week after his encounter with ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ and also after he has been banned from reading for a few days.

Being a Debut Author () A few weeks ago Gavin and Simon discussed their thoughts on debut novels and debut novelists as readers. Having Kerry as a special co-host this week Simon thought it would be really interesting to hear what it is like from the debut authors perspective, and so he grills Kerry. They discuss if everything but the kitchen sink goes into your first novel, if you think it will ever have an audience and the highs and lows of it all, plus what tips Kerry has for debut-novelists-to-be.

LGBT Literature () It is LGBT History Month in the UK and The Green Carnation Prize (which Simon co-founded and Kerry is now one of the judges of for 2013) has been launched for 2013 this week so it seemed a prime time to talk about LGBT Literature. Why do people outside the LGBT world sometimes find the idea of an LGBT novel off putting? What has happened to the heritage of LGBT literature, why have most ‘gay classics’ now become out of print with the exception of a minority of main stream authors? Lots to discuss.

Next time on The Readers () Simon will be back next week with another special guest and much more book based banter, the Readers Book Club will now be a week on Friday when Gavin should be better.

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