Ep. 64; Novellas, Quick Reads & The Fear of Books

This week on The Readers Gavin and Simon talk the opposite of last weeks ‘Big Books’ as they discuss novellas and short books. They are also joined by Cathy Rentzenbrink, Project Director of Quick Reads, to talk about the initiative that wants to get non-readers reading and also encouraging big readers to try something new. This leads to a discussion on what can make us scared of books and reading.

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Catching Up () In the new weekly segment Gavin and Simon catch up on what they have been reading, which is not very much this week as they have both had a bout of not reading. Gavin has been sick with the flu and Simon is just in a reading funk in general and has too many books on the go at once.

Novellas and Short Novels () After they discussed ‘Big Books’ last week, Simon and Gavin turn to the opposite spectrum as they talk about shorter fiction, though not short stories. What is it that makes a novella a novella rather than a very short novel or very long short story? Why does Simon really like them, for the fact they are condensed and generally cover a lot of ground in few pages, and Gavin find that he has no time for them? What are the pros and the cons of them in general? What do you think?

Quick Reads () Gavin and Simon are joined by Cathy Rentzenbrink for the second main segment of the show to discuss the initiative Quick Reads which launched its new list for 2013 last week. They talk about how the initiative gets more people reading, how the books and authors are chosen and how hard it is to reach the readers who have been put off and why they were put off in the first place…


What Makes Someone Scared of a Book? () Having spoken to Cathy, Gavin and Simon ponder what it is that makes people scared of books or have a fear of reading. Simon has often admitted that he was much put of reading, feeling it would be boring or make him feel stupid after his issues with it at school. They talk about what else might make people feel alienated by reading. Which books would you recommend someone who didn’t read much? Did you ever find yourself put off books and if so why?

Next time on The Readers () We will be back next week with much more book based banter.

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