Ep. 63; Big Books and Magpies, Sheep & Tigers (It Makes Sense Honest!)

This week on The Readers Gavin and Simon have their usual catch up about the week. They discuss big books and Simon’s possible phobia to them and Simon introduces the bonkers sounding (but we promise you it has a point) section of the show where he compares readers to magpies, sheep and tigers. Surely it at least piques your interest?

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Catching Up () In the new weekly segment Gavin and Simon catch up on what they have been reading, which is weirdly the same book as each other without telling each other, and what thoughts that had thrown up. Gavin is suddenly reading a lot of books to deadline, how did that happen and how is he finding it?

Big Books () Simon thinks he might have a phobia, it doesn’t officially have a name (and he looked) as yet, the fear of really big books and with his needing to read ‘Middlemarch’ in the next month and a half his fear is staring him in the face, so he thought he would talk about it. Gavin announces he has been reading one book over two years and still isn’t close to finishing it. They also talk about how weirdly the best biggest books have you wishing that they were another 500/1000 pages longer but also how when picking up a big book you can’t help but think ‘how many other books could I read instead?’ and why you need commitment and time as big books can’t be read in little stints can they? What are your thoughts on big books?

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Magpies, Sheep and Tigers () Simon has been jealous this week as he caught up with one of his friends Jon who is always slightly overwhelmed by his book knowledge and taste… he is always reading books and authors Simon has never heard of. Like a lone book hunting tiger if you will, and Simon wishes he was more like that. However Simon thinks he is more of a magpie, always looking at the next sparkling book, and occasionally a sheep as he will follow the mass of readers around a latest book buzz. Why do we fall into these characteristics? He and Gavin have a chat about it before Gavin delivers his verdict on what animal analogies they really are in the book world. Do you think you have magpie or sheep tendencies or are you always off alone trying to find books of the beaten track?

Next time on The Readers () We will be back next week talking about Quick Reads and smaller books plus, of course, much more book based banter.

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 63; Big Books and Magpies, Sheep & Tigers (It Makes Sense Honest!)

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  2. I can understand the fear of big books mostly because while reading my bookshelves will constantly be reminding me of all the other good books I’m NOT reading at the moment. But some of my favorite books have been real doorstoppers and I’m glad I’ve read them. So that’s what I remind myself about.

    Also, I’m really enjoying GRRM’s Song of Ice and Fire series and don’t mind the length at all. I may even want to re-read Shogun someday (as it’s been 30 years since I read it the first time.)

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