Ep.62; Going Solo, Covering The Covers and Reading Horizons

This week on the readers we introduce something new, a catch up section, and also rebrand something old with Reading Horizons. We also talk about Gavin and Simon spreading their wings and going solo, what caused such a furore over a classic cover last week and what we like about covers and what we don’t.

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Catching Up () In the new weekly segment which will see The Readers catching up on little bits and bobs they want to talk about each reading week but don’t quiet deserve a whole segment of the show. This week they talk twitter, how it can build peer pressure (in good and bad ways) and how it can show just how fickle we are as readers.

Going Solo () Now do not let those two words put fear into your hearts. The Readers are not splitting up. What they are doing however is going off to do a solo podcasting project each… on their own. Gavin will be doing a new more geeky, his words, show which covers the genres in a little more depth and Simon will be off doing more intimate interviews with authors (and he has some great authors lined up) talking about their back catalogs, their love of reading and their lives overall. So really you will be getting, if you want to listen to them all, even more of the Readers. What we would love from you all is names, any suggestions for each podcast? What would you like to hear on these solo shows?

Covering The Covers () This week a book cover has caused rather a furore. It is the new (as pictured) cover of ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath which has seen people in uproar over the image on the front and even the font. Is this going too far? Gavin and Simon have a chat about the cover and their thoughts on it, yet as ever this leads off into a tangent discussion on covers in general, what they do and don’t like, why there is such a difference from hardback to paperback. What are your thoughts on covers? Do you have any pet peeves that put you off like Simon and seeing someones face? What will draw you to a cover? How do you feel when publishers change a series of covers half way through?

Reading Horizons () So this was the section in the show that Gavin and Simon used to call What We Have Read, Are Reading and Want to Read Next – only it just got too long. The name is the only thing that has changed however, here are the books they talk about…


Simon has read: Tom-All-Alone’s by Lynn Shepherd
He is currently reading: Wonder by R.J. Palacio
He is very excited about his first read of: The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum


Gavin has finished: Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
He is now reading: The Glimpses of The Moon by Edmund Crispin
He wants to read: Roadside Picnic by Boris Strugatsky & Arkady Strugatsky

Next week on The Readers () We will be back with more book based banter…

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