The Readers Book Club #6; Tom-All-Alone’s/The Solitary House – Lynn Shepherd

For the sixth Readers Book Club you have spoken and we have listened, the spoilers are back! This month we are joined by the lovely Lynn Shepherd to discuss her second novel, doubly titled ‘Tom-All-Alone’s’ and ‘The Solitary House’ depending where you are in the world. This is a tale of mystery and murder in Victorian London and tells a tale that runs alongside Charles Dickens novel ‘Bleak House’.

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Introducing the Book () In the first section of the show Gavin and Simon introduce you, without any spoilers to this months Book Club title ‘Tom-All-Alone’s/The Solitary House’ by Lynn Shepherd. They give you a hint to the premise as the novel starts out, dicuss some of the aspects (like the title of the book in this case) and things that they liked about it plus their thoughts on the book overall without giving anything away.

An Interview with the Author () This month Simon and Gavin are joined by Lynn Shepherd to discuss her novel ‘Tom-All-Alone’s’, or ‘The Solitary House’ as it is known in North America. They talk about the book, again with no spoilers, the influence of ‘Bleak House’ on the novel, the delights and complications of writing a book that veres off another, and indeed very famous, novel, the narration and telling of the book and the wonders and gritty truths of the Victorian era.


Simon & Gavin’s Thoughts () In this section, brimming with spoilers (because you said you liked them) Simon and Gavin discuss ‘Tom-All-Alone’s/The Solitary House’ with a sense of hindsight and being able to spill all the beans properly. Did they both enjoy it? Could they work out the mystery at the heart of the novel and what did they think about it when they did?

Next month on The Readers Book Club () We will be back on the 1st of March for the next Readers Book Club choice which is… one of Simon’s favourite books of 2012, ‘My Policeman’ by Bethan Roberts, a tale of one man and his two lovers, one of whom he must keep a secret of at all cost as it is the 1950s and the world is not an understanding place, be prepared to be very moved.

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4 thoughts on “The Readers Book Club #6; Tom-All-Alone’s/The Solitary House – Lynn Shepherd

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  4. Fascinating set of thoughts and well deserved recognition, Lynn Shepherd. Of course, the spirit of Dickens lives on through good work such as yours. I do prefer thinking of similar notions and the nobility of monuments to his reforming zeal, such as The Royal Courts Of Justice (thanks, in part, to Bleak House etc) rather than if he was alive today, he would have been writing for East Enders, as opined by Lynn- alas, she is probably right, so I will still rest assured with the certainty that it would have brilliantly improved the standard of such soap. We need thoughtful, stimulating writers today as much as ever before, long may you thrive Madam.

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