The Readers Book Club #3; Hollow Pike – James Dawson

For the third Readers Book Club we have brought you something a little bit spooky that we thought would be a good read over the Halloween period. This month’s title, ‘Hollow Pike’ by James Dawson, is a first for the book club as it is young adult fiction – with a murderous and spooky twist. Simon supplies a very special guest this month as his little sister Miriam joins the duo to give a young adult readers opinion on the book will it be another Savidge opinion?

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An Interview with the Author () The lovely James Dawson joins us from London to discuss his debut novel ‘Hollow Pike’. Gavin and Simon talk to him about the genre of the supernatural, writing young adult fiction and its pros and cons, how witchcraft crept into his childhood, LGBT characters in younger fiction, reminiscing over the 90’s and why having been a teacher really helped him write this book and why he made it rather different.

Simon & Gavin’s Thoughts () Simon and Gavin have mentioned a few times on The Readers that they are not the biggest fans of Young Adult fiction, so what will they make of ‘Hollow Pike’. As Simon’s suggestion you would assume he would like it, but does he all the way through, and what does Gavin make of this supernatural thriller?

The Readers Panel Discusses… () In the section that always features lots of SPOILERS, so you have been WARNED! Gavin and Simon are joined by none other than Simon’s very own little sister, who at the age of 14 is the target market for the book, Miriam. What will she make of the book? Will see be as critical as Simon’s mother was a few months ago? You will have to listen to find out, though the murderer and everything is given away.

Next month on The Readers Book Club () We will be back on the 7th of December for the next Readers Book Club choice which is… To be confirmed. Simon and Gavin have an ideal author planned for a suitably chilly crime novel to discuss but until we get the 100% yes we don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up. But stay tuned for an announcement very soon!!!

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