The Readers Episode 48; Reading a Series & 1001 Books to Read Before You Die

This week on The Readers there are more book recommendations and titles discussed than we think we have had in a show. Why? Well, our hosts Gavin and Simon start by talking about some of the series that they each love and then in the second half of the show they look at the book ‘1001 Books To Read Before You Die’ some of the books that made the list, some that didn’t and your recommendations along with some of Gavin and Simon’s too.

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Reading a Series () This week Gavin and Simon talk about series of books. They look at the ones that they love the most and have been following and reading for some time. They look at what counts as a series, why it’s good to get into a series, how many series are too many and why they need to space the reading of a series out, and much more.

1001 Books to Read Before You Die () Simon received a copy of the latest edition of ‘1001 Books to Read Before You Die’ and he thought that it would make for an interesting discussion. So he emailed Gavin a list of the titles the book features which the duo then talk about. They also look at which books they would add if they could and indeed there are several recommendations from listeners too. A whopping list ensues and for once Simon has to bring the conversation to a close, unusual indeed.

Next Week on the Readers () Gavin and Simon will joined by a special guest for a spooky Halloween episode of The Readers. Be warned.

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