Repost: The Readers Book Club #2; Diving Belles by Lucy Wood

PLEASE NOTE: The original version of this podcast had a weird whooshing noise. Gavin has fixed it and if you’d like to enjoy us discussing Diving Belles whoosh-free please download this version. Apologies. 

Yippee and hooray as Gavin is back from his holidays for the second episode of the all new monthly Readers Book Club, brought to you on the first Friday of every month. If you regularily tune in to The Readers podcast you will have heard Simon going on (and on and on and on and on) about Lucy Wood’s debut collection of magical stories ‘Diving Belles’, well now she is on the show to discuss it. Simon and Gavin chat to her about the book, then amongst themselves before being joined by Ellie also known as Patchwork Bunny who writes the blog Curiosity Killed the Bookworm.

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An Interview with the Author () We are joined from Devon by the lovely Lucy Wood this month as to discuss with Gavin and Simon her debut collection of stories based on Cornish folklore ‘Diving Belles’. They discuss how the book evolved from something she was writing for her MA to publication, the stories that they were originally based on or inspired by, the complexities of writing short stories and what she is working on next (which Simon is already simply gasping to read).


Simon & Gavin’s Thoughts () We all know that Simon loved this book as he wouldn’t shut up about it, but what about Gavin. He has admitted in the past that when Simon raves about a book too much it almost gives it too much hype. Hear what they both have to say, spoiler free.

The Readers Panel Discusses… () This section is brimming with spoilers, (you have been warned) as Simon and Gavin are joined by book blogger Ellie who writes Curiosity Killed the Bookworm to get another set of eyes cast of the collection. With spoilers being allowed this is where they can properly talk about the stories and which ones became firm favourites and why.

Next month on The Readers Book Club () We are delighted to announce, and slightly nervous, that next months Book Group author is Susan Hill. No, really… the Susan Hill. We will be announcing the book chosen on our birthday episode next week.  If you fancy joining in the discussion on the show email we will be back with that show on the 2nd of November, until then keep enjoying the weekly podcasts each Tuesday…

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