The Readers Episode 43; The State of Our TBR’s, Carlos Ruiz Zafon & Second Hand Books

This week on The Readers there is a bit of a change as while Gavin is on holiday Simon is joined by the first of his special guest co-hosts. This week they discuss the state of their TBR piles and the joys of secondhand book shops. Oh and finally Simon is sharing the interview he did with Carlos Ruiz Zafon…

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A Special Guest () This week, as Gavin is having a holiday, Simon is joined by his friend, book addict and poet Greg White. In the first section of the show Simon springs a few surprise questions on Greg in the hopes that it gets you to know him better.


The State of Our TBRs () Simon wants to talk TBRs this week as he knows that Greg has devoted almost half of his house to his books and so it seems apt. Simon and Greg discuss if anyone else ever gets a little freaked out by how many books they have in their house and why he still can’t stop buying more books no matter how many they have. Basically this is a chat about anything and everything TBR related.

An Interview With Carlos Ruiz Zafon () Simon was extremely excited when he got to interview Carlos Ruiz Zafon earlier in the summer as he is a MASSIVE fan of his work ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ being one of his all time favourite books. They discuss, in a rather busy part of Euston station – apologies for the sound quality, his latest book ‘The Prisoner of Heaven’, the Shadow of the Winds world, his young adult fiction and why his books will never be films. Plus much more.

Secondhand Bookshops () Simon asked Greg if there was anything that he would like to talk about in the last part of the show and ‘Secondhand Bookshops’ was his choice. They discuss the pro’s and con’s of secondhand bookshop buying, what gems they have found, the joy of second hand serendipity and what makes a perfect secondhand store.

Next Week on The Readers () Simon will be joined by another special guest for some more bookish banter, until then…

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  1. Judging by the photos, this edition of the podcast is sponsored by the Beard Liberation Front. I still have half of the Madeline Miller episode and the Booker shortlist special to listen to, so I have some catching up to do.

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