The Readers; A Man Booker 2012 Special

Welcome to a surprise special of The Readers which focuses on the recent announcement of The Man Booker Prize Shortlist 2012 and the prize itself. Such a surprise was the episode that Gavin had to delay his podcasting holiday a little to do the intro and outro to the show; see… he will be back.

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For the main discussion however Simon is joined all the way from America by Trevor of The Mookse and the Gripes blog to discuss this year’s Man Booker Shortlist and also the Man Booker Prize overall as Trevor is a huge follower of the prize and has started a wonderful ‘unofficial’ Man Booker Forum which you should really all join! Anyway, Simon and Trevor have a good old natter about the prize in general including favourite winners of the past and just what happened last year aswell as looking at what the prize can do moving forward and why it has become such a followed award worldwide. We hope you enjoy!

Simon will be back on Tuesday with the first of his special guests, he will speak to you then…

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4 thoughts on “The Readers; A Man Booker 2012 Special

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  2. Nice to hear Trevor’s voice.

    And an interesting discussion, too. I got put off the Booker in 2006 and not really followed it since, but the current shortlist looks pretty exciting to me.

  3. Hello Trevor, it’s great to hear your voice, and yours too, Simon:)
    Yes, some years are better than others, but I like it when they introduce authors I otherwise might know nothing about, and I’ve rarely been disappointed in the winner.

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