The Readers Episode 42; Some News, Book Covers Covered (Quotes on Books & Blurbs) & What We Have Read, Are Reading & Want to Read Next…

This week on The Readers is a bumper show indeed. We start with the news that Gavin is having a bit of time away, but fear not you’ll still be getting some shows as we explain, we also have a random chat about the Madeline Miller special then the show starts properly with two discussions about book covers. Plus, before Gavin has a break, they give you the low down on what they have read, are reading and would like to read next…

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News & Natter () This week Simon and Gavin announce that Gavin is having a holiday from The Readers for a few weeks as his book burn out has taken over. Do not fear though because, as they explain, Simon will still be coming to you every week with a special guest co-host so do keep listening in. Simon and Gavin also have a little chat about Madeline Miller and the Book Group.

Quotes on Books () Kristin asked us on our GoodReads page the following question “Can you explain to me why they put reviews for another book by the same author on the back of a novel? For example, I just started “What I Talk About What I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami. It’s a non-fiction book that is sort of a memoir on his running hobby. On the back cover it says “Acclaim for Murakami’s “After Dark””, another book written by Murakami, but totally unlike “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. For one thing, “After Dark” is Fiction and “What I Talk About” is Non-Fiction. By reading the reviews for “After Dark” on the back cover, a reader could be mislead as to what the book they are holding is about. I have seen this done many times before, but this time it stuck out because Murakami’s writing style of a novel is very different from him writing about himself. It’s like the editor/publisher has no idea what the book is about… any opinions on this?” Well Simon and Gavin decided this was the perfect time to discuss quotes on books (and then stickers) as the first of two book cover discussions. The second of which is…

Book Blurbs () Simon admits in this episode that, just like his favourite person Marieke Hardy, he doesn’t read the blurbs of books. In this section The Readers discuss the pros and cons of book blurbs, why sometimes they don’t tell the truth, why they can sometimes give too much away and what happens if a book doesn’t have one?

What We Have Read, Are Reading and Want to Read Next… () In their randomly regular section, before he goes off on holiday, Gavin and Simon talk about the latest books on their reading horizons, or peripheries…


Gavin has read and was a little unsure of: Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovich
He is getting his reading mojo back with: A Place of Execution by Val McDermid
Simon is finally forcing him, for book group, to read: Diving Belles by Lucy Wood


Simon has read and loved: Swimming Home by Deborah Levy
He has just started and a little bit unsure of: Communion Town by Sam Thompson
He is going to be reading: The last of the Green Carnation submissions and then will be trying Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Next Week on the Readers () Simon will be back with the first of his special co hosts, and finally you will get that Carlos Ruiz Zafon interview. Honestly.

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