The Readers Episode 41; Imprints, Publishing Houses and Adaptations

This week on The Readers Simon and Gavin take a look at imprints within publishing houses and publishing houses themselves. They also take an initial look at book adaptations as there always seems to be so many.

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Imprints and Publishing Houses () In the UK next year Headline Publishing will be introducing a new imprint Tinder Press and Bloomsbury did it earlier this year with Bloomsbury Circus. These are both designed to be ‘literary imprints’, this lead Simon to wanting to talk about imprints in general. Which are Simon and Gavin’s favourites? Could you read just one imprint and one imprint alone? This all gets discussed in a conversation The Readers fear will possibly get them in trouble.

Adaptations () In the last few weeks there have been a lot of adaptations on UK television with ‘Parade’s End’ etc there has also been the wonderful ‘Hunderby’ which is a parody of ‘Rebecca’ and which Simon is utterly loving watching. This lead to Gavin and Simon thinking and talking about adaptations in general… Are they ever as good as the book, can you love an adaptation as much? Can watching an adaptation help you read a ‘difficult’ classic? They can’t believe they forgot to mention the new adaptation of Anna Karenina coming out soon…

Next Week on the Readers () More book based banter as ever, and Simon will finally be sharing the interview he did with Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and in the meantime get ready for the first in the new Readers Book Club series of podcasts on Friday with Madeline Miller, very exciting.

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1 thought on “The Readers Episode 41; Imprints, Publishing Houses and Adaptations

  1. Hello, I’m Leah, one of the editors working on Headline’s new Tinder Press imprint. Really interesting to hear your thoughts on imprints – as you can imagine, since we first started talking about setting one up we’ve talked endlessly about people’s perceptions of them – what they mean within the industry, whether they mean anything at all to actual readers, etc. The reason we decided it was the right thing for us is mostly because, as you say, the Headline list is so eclectic, and we felt we needed to create a home for our more literary fiction. The Tinder list will be very focused, with a small team working on it – and this should allow us to reach out to readers a bit more directly and create a bit of a community around our books, so that hopefully, in time, readers will come to trust us. So for us it’s not so much about finding a new crafty way to enter more books for prizes – it’s more, as you say at one point, about letting people know what they’re getting. So while there won’t ever be such a thing as a typical Tinder book (we hope to keep surprising you), they will all be for fans of literary fiction, and they will all, we think, be really, really good!

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