The Readers Episode 37; E-Reader Admissions, Book Group Books, A Listeners Top 5 Summer Reads & We Ask… Are We Literary Enough?

This week on The Readers sees Simon finally admitting something about e-readers that Gavin has known for a while, they discuss Book Group Books, we have one of our listeners, Kristin’s, top 5 summer books and we ask the big question… are we literary enough?

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An E-Reader Admission () As one of Simon’s favourite authors Tess Gerritsen has a new mini e-book coming out Gavin uses it to wind Simon up about what he could be missing out on, yes, could be. Listen on to hear quite an admission.

Do We Read Book Group Books Differently? () After reading The Readers Summer Book Club books and having had some time away to think about it. Simon and Gavin discuss how reading for a book group can make you read differently and more critically. You might love a book and yet still be rather critical of it. They also discuss the etiquette of book groups and how the different dynamics work.

Kristin’s Top Five Summer Reads () The Readers were thrilled to discover they had a Skype voicemail the other day from Kristin all the way in California! She has very kindly phoned in to share her top five books this summer. A big thanks to Kristin! We would welcome more, hint, hint!

Are We Literary Enough? () Not that he wants to make it too personal but the other day Simon missed out on a job in books because he was told, as he hadn’t read Charles Dickens, that he wasn’t literary enough. This has lead him to really thinking about what he reads, how literary it is or isn’t, what literature is and does it all matter. Get ready for a big discussion about this that almost gets a little bit heated!

Next week on The Readers () More book based banter, we might have the Carlos Ruiz Zafon interview, we might make you wait a little longer, either way there will be an episode brimming with bookish chatter.

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5 thoughts on “The Readers Episode 37; E-Reader Admissions, Book Group Books, A Listeners Top 5 Summer Reads & We Ask… Are We Literary Enough?

  1. It’s truly my hope that Simon not getting the job wasn’t due only to not having read Dickens. I think Simon is literary enough to have said he has read him and no one would be the wiser. I commend your honesty.

    I have only read a bit of Dickens and Austen and don’t love either. I don’t feel bad about this and don’t really worry about it. Am I literary? I don’t know but I would be ticked too if getting a bookish job depended on having read Dickens. I would have been tempted to ask “have you read” questions myself. It does smack of snobbery IMO.

    Their loss…

  2. I could understand perhaps, that it would be a problem if he hadn’t heard of Dickens?
    But hey – nobody has read all the great classics!

  3. I have no Skype capabilities, but here are my top summer reads (in no particular order): “The Song of Achilles,” My Cousin Rachel,” Ready Player One,” “The Snow Child,” and “Nine Coaches Waiting.” (Simon, do you see your influence?) I also read a number of non-fiction books.

    Simon I see you as a very well-rounded reader, which I think is more valuable than a “literary reader,” although not for that job, I guess. If what they wanted was someone who had read all the “right” titles, then it probably isn’t a work environment that you would have wanted anyway. Their loss.

    I had to read “David Copperfield” in probably 7th grade, and have never tried Dickens again. It was not the worst book I had to read for school (that would be “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” which I refused to finish) but it turned me off to Dickens. I have read “Pride and Prejudice”-okay, and “Persuasion”-much better. I read “Miss Read” books for comfort reads and am enjoying reading Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology” a chapter at a time this summer. I hope that I could be described as a fairly well-rounded reader. I would never read a book for it’s “snob value,” but hope that I wouldn’t turn down a classic because it appeared a difficult read.

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