The Readers Summer Bookclub; Pure by Andrew Miller

Well it’s been quite an experience but sadly, and Simon has hankies at the ready, it is the last in The Readers Summer Book Club series, and what a book to end on. This week we discuss ‘Pure’ by Andrew Miller, winner of the Costa Prize last year, and get lost in the murky (and smelly) gothic, dark world of Paris in the late 1700’s. As always we catch up with the author, Andrew Miller, Simon and Gavin give their thoughts and we have a guest to give another insight on the book too.

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An Interview with the Author () This week Gavin and Simon are joined by Andrew Miller to discuss his Costa winning novel ‘Pure’. They ask him where the idea for ‘Pure’ came from, how much research he had to do for the novel, the humour he uses in the historical and what it was like to win the Costa prize. Plus, as ever, much more.

Simon & Gavin’s Thoughts () The two co-hosts discuss how they got on with ‘Pure’ as such a historical novel, why it might be more a Costa book than a Booker book, why Simon chose it and if hype can sometimes affect how you read a book because of the expectation that you put in your own head. This part, as you are probably aware by now, is spoiler free.

The Readers Panel Discusses… () Simon and Gavin are joined by blogger Lucy of ‘Literary Relish’, to discuss the book a little more. They get very spoiler full as they look at the big twists and turns in the novel, and Simon gets told off for being too harsh – even though he says that he wasn’t being, honest.

Next week on The Readers () Book based banter will be back to normal with Gavin and Simon just nattering away about books. They will be having a catch up, talking about ‘Summer Reads’ and telling you the twelve titles that they are each looking forward to over the autumn and winter. Until next week…

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