The Readers Summer Book Club; Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord

In the seventh, and penultimate, instalment of The Readers Summer Book Club we discuss ‘Redemption in Indigo’ by Karen Lord a book that blends the literary, genre and folk lore. If you haven’t read this week’s chosen book then do not despair as we will give you a forewarning of the part with all the spoilers. As always we catch up with the author, Karen Lord, Simon and Gavin give their thoughts and we have a guest to give another insight on the book too.

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An Interview with the Author () This week Gavin and Simon are joined by Karen Lord, all the way from Barbados, to discuss her rather magical and surreal debut novel ‘Redemption in Indigo’. They ask her to tell them more about the background of the book and the folk tale that inspired it, her thoughts on the whole genre and literary divide (which her book combines), and also what other Caribbean literature, both genre and not, that we should be looking out for and reading.


Simon & Gavin’s Thoughts () The two co-hosts discuss how they got on with ‘Redemption in Indigo’, and it brings up the genre vs. literary debate once again… You will be able to see Simon’s thoughts in more detail on his blog here soon and Gavin’s on his here soon too.

The Readers Panel Discusses… () Simon and Gavin are joined by blogger David of ‘Follow The Thread’, to discuss the book a little more. Simon grills him on the genre and literary divide too, plus we want to know if he would recommend it as a good book group book.

Next week on The Readers Summer Book Club () We have the last ever Readers Summer Book Club choice, as we will be starting something new in due course, ‘Pure’ by Andrew Miller. Gavin and Simon will be joined by the author and some new guests for some more book based banter. Until next week…

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