The Readers Summer Interlude; Ernest Apologies, A New Book Group & The Future of The Readers

Unfortunately due to various issues beyond our control we do not have The Readers Summer Book Club’s fifth titles discussion show today. Simon and Gavin were really excited about discussing ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline alas it is not meant to be… for now. However instead you have a short ‘summer interlude’ where we discuss a new venture, the future of The Readers moving forward and also the fact that Simon and Gavin met last week.

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Ernest Apologies & Some ‘Ready Player One’ Discussion () So huge apologies again for no Ernest on the show, we loved ‘Ready Player One’ and were very excited about it alas for reasons beyond our control we have been unable to record with him, but we may do in the future and pop the episode in then. In the meantime Gavin and Simon do discuss the book as they know lots of you bought it and wanted to discuss it. There may be a longer show in the future.

A New Book Group () Simon and Gavin have been thinking and plotting and though they won’t be doing another Summer Book Club, or an Autumn one, they have got a new book club planned and it will mean MORE episodes of the Readers.

The Readers 2.0 () After the Summer Book Club is finished The Readers will be back ALL NEW. Well, when we say all new it will be all new and yet the same. They have taken on lots of feedback from comments and goodreads and will be coming back on Tuesday’s with slightly shorter episodes and less author interviews, and shorter ones when they are on… apart from with the new addition of Readers Special’s which will be ‘The Readers In Conversation With…’ starting in July with none other than Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter who Gavin and Simon met for an hour last week…

The Readers Met Up () Yes Simon and Gavin met up last week in London for a Readers recording, but did they get on? Listen in for more.

Next Week On The Readers () The Summer Book Club resumes with S.J. Bolton and the discussion of her book ‘Now You See Me’ we will speak to you then.

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2 thoughts on “The Readers Summer Interlude; Ernest Apologies, A New Book Group & The Future of The Readers

  1. EEEK! Our whole family has finally finished reading Ready Player One, and I came here to find out why the podcast of the discussion wasn’t downloaded to my iPod through my iTunes subscription. I’m so disappointed to hear the author interview didn’t happen! I loved the book so much, I basically forced my 17-year old son to read it. Of course, he loved it also, so then my husband read it to see what all the fuss was about.

    I somehow missed this podcast this summer, so we will have to listen to it together now that we have all finished the book!


    Book By Book

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