The Readers Summer Book Club; Bleakly Hall by Elaine Di Rollo

In the fourth instalment (half way already) of The Readers Summer Book Club we discuss the novel ‘Bleakly Hall’ by Elaine Di Rollo, we also start with a very, very exciting announcement. If you haven’t read this week’s chosen book then do not despair as this is a book full of fascinating and funny true tales of space so we can’t do spoilers. We catch up with Elaine Di Rollo, a listener leaves a voicemail, another listener joins The Readers for some discussion and Simon and Gavin give their thoughts on the book too.

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An Interview with the Author () This week Gavin and Simon are joined by the lovely Elaine Di Rollo to discuss her surreal and rather bonkers world of ‘Bleakly Hall’. They ask her why she decided to write the book in a hydrotherapy centre between the wars, what research she had to do, if the characters or the place came first and much more.


Simon & Gavin’s Thoughts () The two co-hosts discuss how they got on with ‘Bleakly Hall’, without giving too much away Simon ends up feeling like a bad person even though he enjoyed it. They also discuss if a book you read for a book group can get a tough time as it does get pulled apart. You will be able to see Simon’s thoughts in more detail on his blog here soon and Gavin’s on his here soon too.

The Readers Panel Discusses… () Simon and Gavin are joined by Jennifer to discuss the book a little more and give a new perspective on it from across the ocean, she helps Simon articulate what he has found so difficult to explain about his thoughts on the book.

Next week on The Readers Summer Book Club () We have the fifth book in The Readers Summer Book Club, ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline. Gavin and Simon will be joined by the author and some new guests for some more book based banter. They will speak to you then, though they will see each other for real in between.

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