The Readers Episode 27; We’re Six Months Old, Authors Tantrums & Prize Listings and Three Books From The Last Six Months You Must Read

Get ready for a giggly episode of The Readers this week as they celebrate being six months old. They discuss how the show has changed and is changing their reading. They discuss authors behaving badly and prize listings. Plus they recommend three books each (with lots of laughing) they’ve loved in the last six months and think you MUST read!


We Are Six Months Old () No, we can’t quite believe it either but today marks six month since the Readers. Gavin and Simon give thanks, chat about the last six months, how the shows changed, how it’s going to change and how it’s changed them as readers.

When Authors Whinge & Prize Listings () Two forms of conversation in one for this weeks discussion topic inspired by Christopher Priests strop over the Arthur C Clarke Award. How do we respond when we don’t like long lists? Does an authors ranting and raving endear them to us or put us off?

Three Books We’ve Loved in the Last Six Months & You MUST Read () reading recommendations with added giggling.

Gavin recommends;

Or The Bull Kills You by Jason Webster
The House of Silk by Anthony Horrowitz
Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

Simon recommends:

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
Diving Belles by Lucy Wood

Next Week on The Readers () We will be announcing The Readers Summer Book Club eight titles… And they are brilliant (if we say so ourselves)!

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