The Readers Episode 26; Three Generations of Readers

This week on The Readers we don’t have Gavin but we do have something rather special to make up for it. How often do we get to hear from three generations of readers and hear how the love of a book is passed through the family? Not very do we? However here on The Readers we do as Simon has interviewed his Gran, Mum and little sister (all who love to read) to talk about that in a ‘Savidge Readers Special.’ Apologies for a small silence in between two of the interview, this will be fixed.

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Three Generations of Readers; Simon’s Gran () First in our trio of interviews we have Simon’s Gran, or Dorothy as you might want to call her, a self starting reader who left her studies in order to work. How did she get hooked on reading by herself? How important was it to read to her children? Why does she read about the countries she visits before she goes? What are her thoughts on a Kindle? What books would she recommend? Who does she re-read in her seventies and why?

Three Generations of Readers; Simon’s Mum () Secondly, after a random silent pause, we have Simon’s Mum, Louise, an avid book worm as a child and now a teacher of English Literature to secondary school children from 11-16 year olds. Was the influence of her mother part of her love of reading? What is great about exciting children into reading? Why don’t children read a whole book at school and does it matter? What are her thoughts on the Kindle and the future of the book? Which authors does she love and recommend in her forties?

Three Generations of Readers; Simon’s Sister () Third and finally we have Simon’s sister, Miriam, who at 13 is in the middle of that young adult to adult transition of reading. Which books did she love as a child? What books and authors is she testing in the adult fiction market? Is reading cool at school?  Who does she turn to for her recommendations?

We hope you enjoyed this little special episode? We will both be back next week for our a show celebrating the fact we have lasted six months… Hoorah!

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8 thoughts on “The Readers Episode 26; Three Generations of Readers

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  2. What a lovely interview with your family, Simon. Of course I feel like I already know them all from your blog so it was nice to hear them speak about their favourite books etc. Miriam sounds like a lovely, clever young woman – I certainly wasn’t reading Rebecca or its ilk at her age.

    • Thanks Boof. Sorry for the delay in responding to this (and to visiting your blog I am catching up with the world at the moment) but I am glad you liked it. I might do a family redux at some point, if Gav lets me.

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  4. Loved this episode! Very interesting. My mother taught me to love reading and I hope I have passed it on to my children.

    • It’s interesting to listen back to as it was recorded at different times so listening together is really interesting and seeing some similarities with me and with all of them too.

  5. I am a fairly new listener – I heard your podcast recommended by Books on the Nightstand, a favorite of mine!

    I really enjoyed this episode with 3 generations of readers. I always include my kids’ choices (they are 14 and 17) in my weekly reading round-up on my own blog. Reading is a big part of our family’s life, and it was fun to hear about another family that loves books.


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    Book By Book

    • Books on the Nightstand is great isn’t it? We are both huge fans.

      Thank you for the lovely comment and hope you have enjoyed the episodes you have caught up with since this one. I am hoping you came back?

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