The Readers Episode 23; Justin Torres & Giving Up On Books

This week on The Readers we have a visit from another wonderful author in the form of Justin Torres who joins Gavin and Simon to discuss his debut novel ‘We The Animals’. Gavin and Simon start the show with a discussion on when you should give up on a book.

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When Should We Give Up On A Book? (00.56) If you pick up a book any aren’t enjoying it, when should you give up? Should you read on and on, possibly feeling like you are wading through treacle, in order that you hope to be rewarding by a brilliant ending or a compelling and ground breaking last sentence? Simon and Gavin discuss this and let you know when they give up on a book and why they aren’t readers who have to read every book they start to the end.

Justin Torres & We The Animals (22.10) Gavin and Simon are thrilled to have been joined by Justin Torres in his first UK interview to discuss ‘We The Animals’ his debut novel, which became a huge word of mouth and cult hit in America within months of its release (we heard about it thanks to Books on the Nightstand), the week of its UK release. They discuss the success of the novel, its inspiration and much more…


Next week on The Readers (46.17) its back to just Simon and Gavin, and we can promise you lots and lots of book based banter.

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