The Readers Episode 21; Bored of Books, Famous Authors and Stephanie Beacham

We’re 21!!! In our 21st episode (which is a bit of a mish mash of all sorts) we bring you a discussion on famous authors and celebrities becoming authors, before Simon catches up with TV and film icon Stephanie Beacham. We have the worrying news that Gav is bored of books and ask blogger Simon T of Stuck in a Book to give you his top five books.

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Famous Authors and Celebrity Writers (02.53) In the first topic of their 21st episode Simon and Gavin talk about famous authors. What makes an author become famous in modern times? Do people write to be famous? Can authors use their fame for good? What do we think about celebrities who become authors? Do they really write their own books? It’s all up for debate before Simon goes and meets an celebrity author himself…

Interview with Stephanie Beacham (15.48) Simon catches up with Stephanie Beacham to discuss her autobiography ‘Many Lives’. The talk about how it is to address your past, being on a book tour, starring in adaptations, the possibility of writing novels and just why she loves ‘lashings of ginger beer and pink lemonade’.

Bored of Books? (24.35) Earlier in the week Simon received a small bombshell text from Gavin announcing he was ‘bored of books’, he decided the best way to deal with Gav’s problem was to talk about it rather like therapy. We ponder if a book lover can ever become bored of books and how they might deal with it. Listen to hear how it goes; will Gav give up on books?

Simon T of Stuck in a Book’s Top 5 Books (35.38) We have the lovely blogger Simon T (he was the only Simon then our very Simon came along so they became Simon S and Simon T) who blogs at Stuck in a Book popping in to give us his top 5 books and what a lovely early 1900’s collection it is. Fancy some forgotten classics, then you’ll love his selection.

Next week on The Readers (41.50) we will be joined by a debut novelist everyone is talking about, Eowyn Ivey, and her book ‘The Snow Child’ (one of Simon and Gavins favourite books of the year so far) and also talking fairytales for adults. Until then…

7 thoughts on “The Readers Episode 21; Bored of Books, Famous Authors and Stephanie Beacham

  1. Gav, it sounds like your book boredom may run deeper than this…but…I often feel guilty about reading when there are chores to be done. That is one reason I love to be on an airplane. You can’t do laundry, wash dishes or sweep your floor. You are stuck and totally free. So…I recommend trying a transatlantic flight.

    Although, on reflection, your issue might be the exact opposite of mine. Would you rather do the chores? I still recommend the flight. A change of scenery might do you good.

    • Sometimes it is needed. I had a blogging and book break a few weeks ago, much needed and came back so refreshed.

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