The Readers – Episode 14; Reading Resolutions & Books for 2012

For the first episode of The Readers in 2012 (Happy New Year one and all) Gavin and Simon are looking at ‘Reading Resolutions’ and which books they are the most excited about coming in the first half of the new year.

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New Year, New Reading Resolutions (03.07) a new year always brings new starts and this can count for reading. Both Gavin and Simon are already plotting and planning their resolutions, aims and idea’s of the way that they might like their reading years to go, but what are they? What are yours?

Note: Simon mentions the Australian Literature Month in January which Kimbofo is hosting (09.29), The Readers will be talking about this further next week so if you have any suggestions for Australian novels Gavin and Simon simply must read let them know.

Books for the first half of 2012… (23.05) Gavin and Simon give you the lowdown on the titles that are tantalising them for spring and some of summer 2012. They thought they had thirty titles (honest they are quick, they have learnt to be succinct in 2012) as Simon ignored the list of titles Gav sent him in advance and they actually have two that they both desperately want to read. What books are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Note: Simon will upload a full list in document format on this post with covers and blurbs of all the books in the next 48 hours, he has started 2012 a little tardily. Sorry.

Next week on The Readers (46.38) Simon and Gavin aren’t sure yet, but we can promise you they will be discussing much bookish and with much banter!

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2 thoughts on “The Readers – Episode 14; Reading Resolutions & Books for 2012

  1. Simon, I am jealous of you reading “Memoirs of an Invisible Friend” this spring. The author was at the BOTNS retreat last year and told us about it, so I was surprised to hear you mention it first! I talked to him through Goodreads, and it turns out that the book is being published in the U.K. first, and not in North America until August. Boo hoo. Hope you enjoy it!

    • I haven’t actually read it Joanne. It has just been one that I had been really keen on reading having heard so much about it. I will at somepoint.

      Isn’t in interesting his UK publishers made him change his surname, so random.

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