The Readers Are Coming…

Within the next week  a new podcast of ‘book based banter’ will be launched world wide on iTunes, filled with news from around the book world, bookish debates and discussions, interviews with authors, bloggers and people in publishing. This aims to be a new ‘chat show for books’ covering all genres with the feel of popping to a couple of friends houses, sitting before their bookshelves with a nice cup of tea and nattering about books for an hour or so.

So before the podcast goes live around the world, we are wondering what sort of things you would like to here, as you will be as much a part of the show as the hosts themselves, and we are hoping The Readers will attract readers from around the world, so get your suggestions to us in the comments below.

But just who are The Readers? Well we want to keep you on the edge of your pages, so you’ll have to keep guessing (can you) for the next week or so, one thing is for sure though…

The Readers are coming… Hold onto your books!

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