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YWTB! Emma Donoghue

Hello and welcome back to You Wrote The Book, a book based podcast hosted by Simon Savidge. Each fortnight over the coming months he will be joined by a special guest author to discuss their life as a writer and as a reader, from the current novel they have published to the first book they read and everything in between.

Simon’s guest for this episode is Emma Donoghue. Emma is the author of five short story collections including the wonderfully titled The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits and most recently Astray, she is also the author of several other novels including The Sealed Letter, Slammerkin and Room. It was Room which lead Emma into almost every reading household with advance rave reviews of its writing and also because of its subject matter having been inspired by the Fritzel case. Now Emma is back with her new novel Frog Music a tale of a true unsolved crime of a cross dressing frog hunter in San Francisco in 1876, which Simon was lucky enough to discuss with her over a coffee.

Emma Donoghue

In two weeks Simon will be joined Kate Colquhoun to discuss her book Did She Kill Him?: A Victorian Tale of Deception, Adultery and Arsenic which is a look into the ‘The Maybrick Mystery’ where Florence Maybrick stood trial for the alleged arsenic poisoning of her much older husband, Liverpool cotton merchant James Maybrick in 1889. If you have any questions for Kate, would like to suggest authors you think Simon should be getting on the show, or simply want to have a natter about books, you can email youwrotethebook@gmail.com or find us on twitter @youwrotethebook.

If you want to hear Simon talking more books do join him every other week with Thomas Otto on The Readers Podcast, you can also find him chatting and reviewing book on his blog Savidge Reads. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes where you can find previous episodes with Christos Tsiolkas, Evie Wyld, Alan Bradley, Niccolo Ammaniti, Armistead Maupin, Hannah Kent, Joanne Harris, Patrick Ness, Damian Barr, Maggie O’Farrell and many more.